2007-09-17 17:37:39
Napoleon in Italy announced! Our newest game is about Napoleon's very first campaign fought in Italy against the armies of the mighty Austrian Empire. Release date is Fall 2007.

Napoleon in Italy website
2007-04-10 10:50:54
We will be announcing our new game shortly! Planned release date is May/June 2007. Stay tuned.
2006-12-07 09:24:29
New For Liberty! demo is out!

For Liberty! updated demo

All the changes made in the 1.70 version of the game were added to the demo. For more information visit the above link.
2006-11-09 09:12:26
For Liberty! is published by Matrix Games!

For Liberty! new website

Our existing customers are going to get a free upgrade very soon.
2006-08-06 13:11:06
The first review is out! Check it out here:
For Liberty! review
2005-10-25 12:07:43
Our web pages are live!
Still under construction, but very close now to final.

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Hussar Games was formed in 2004 by 3 members, currently we have 7 people. Our goal is to develop realistic and historical strategy games. Our first game "1848" is based on the Hungarian Independence War of 1848-49 in which Hungary came close to defeating Austria and only lost because of the intervention of the Tzar of Russia. 1848 was sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and is available as a FREE download.

Currenly we are working on our second game which is based on 2 independence wars, the US Revolutionary War (1775-1781) and the Hungarian "Rákóczi" War of Independence(1703-1711).

NEED MUSIC music for your game. webpage, film or multimedia application? Hussar Games composer Gabor Toth can write the music for you. For reference, check out our free game 1848 or the demo for For Liberty! Additional samples are available by request.

Contact us: info1848@yahoo.com

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 1848 (free)

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